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Gold (AU)
Yukon Dawson
Klondike Gold
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(Editors note: I have written the owners desciption exactly as was provided to us)

Dawson Mining District Gold Claims

In 1896 gold was discovered on a creek later called Bonanza Creek. The small creek is near the town that became Dawson City, Yukon Territory. The creeks were very rich. A tributary of Bonanza Creek, Eldorado Creek, was said to be the richest placer ground ever discovered.

NEW INFO (This has been extended to 47 claims)

This property is made up of more than 20 claimsup stream from where the original discovery was made. 12 to 14 of the claims have not been mined by heavy machinery as far as I know and probably still need to be mined. We bought it in 1992 from a man that had staked the claims in 1973 and had made his entire living from about 4 claims for all those years. The upper Bonanza Dam was built in the early 1900s down stream a few miles, until it washed out in the 1960s. The dam had made getting to our property quite difficult up to that time. The dam had been fairly effective at keeping the property un-mined.

(This is new information too!) 
These properties are ready to mine this season…..fully permitted!  Some drilling and testing was done on the properties last summer with good results.  I found 5-10 colors per pan at about 10 feet deep on the hill top claims.  Drilling shows that layer of gravel goes down about 25 feet. 

In 2012 there were some test holes dug on upper Bonanza where it was thawed.  The test showed about 150 yards to an ounce from about 20 yards of dirt that was part overburden and mud.   The pay streak was not established with these test holes either.

I have a water license with 8 years remaining on the Upper Bonanza claims and 15 years of excess assessment work.  I have a new water license with 4 years remaining and plan on extending it to 8 years in the summer of 2013.  (The mining recorder is behind on recording assessment work)  I filed 4 years last summer on the GM claims.  The Pesapie claim is in the City Of Dawson I parked my motor home there along with machinery and 2 camp trailers last year.  It is grouped with my neighbors claims and now has about 12 years of excess assessment work. 

You may look up the claim and permit information on the Yukon Mining Recorders web site  www.yukonminingrecorder.ca. The claims are placer claims the name of Anglerock LLC. In the data base. There are a total of 47 claims.  I believe 4 of them are discovery claims which are double the size of normal claims.  

These claims are good close in claims that my family has had for over 20 years.  I have planned to go back and mine them since 1994, but with divorce and my father getting sick I have not been able to.  I am now 61 years old and my kids have good jobs and mortgages and can’t get away.  I have decided to sell or lease all of the properties.  I would look at reasonable offers for a cash sale or would lease for 10% royalty to someone who has experience in the area.

I mined 1 claim on Ready Bullion Gulch in 1993 and 1994. We took out a good amount of gold and it was profitable. My father leased out the ground on Ready Bullion and waist and shoulder claims on the lower part of our property. We and the lessee did well. Bonanza has been considered a dead stream so miners have been allowed to discharge a bit of mud into the creek.

The Pesapie claim is very close to the Dawson City limits. It is on old dredge tailings and probably doesn't have gold values. It is possible you could find something with a metal detector. Itís main value would be to have a gold panning business, park a motorhome or camp there. The backside is next to quiet gravel street. Electricity is connected to the properties on both sides.

The GM claims are on a hill on the south side of the Klondike River overlooking Dawson City and the Yukon River. My father ran a mine just across the Klondike River from these claims in 1990 with great success. 1 claim I believe it was GM 37536 was mined in about 1999 successfully. Many of these claims are quite deep, but where we tested it was not frozen. I don't know if these could be mined economically. There was an underground mine on the opposite side of Bonanza Creek in the 1980s.

The properties have been easy to transfer along with banked assessment work. A fee of only $10 Canadian per claim per year has been required to hold the claims. The total excess "banked" assessment work is noted on the renewal certificate.

This information is done to the best of my recollections and any buyer will need to make his own determination of value. Nothing here should be considered a representation. Subject to change without notice. 5/13/13

Asking $1,200,000 USD. Contact Ron Anderson for more detail. See below





Contact agent Ron
Anderson for documentation
$1,200,000 USD





Ron Anderson
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