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Mt. McKinley
Win Group of Claims
Bowser Creek
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The Win Group of Claims are State of Alaska mining claims, 120 air miles northwest of Anchorage. At present the only access is by air. There is a 5,000 foot airfield, but only 2,000 feet is usable at the moment until flood repairs have been made.

USGS Circular 559 describes the find and reports assays ranging from AG 52.2 to 309.8 ounces of silver per ton. The U.S. Geological Survey mapped two intrusions which permitted the entry of mineral bearing solutions. A glacier carved what is now known as Bowser Creek, cutting into the top of the upper intrusion, and clipping the side of the lower intrusion, exposing the mineralization to view and open-face mining. See photo ofS2 Zone. This vertical “evidence” provided the third measurement needed to prove the surface ore and suggests —as mapped since by the State of Alaska— a high angle fault of great depth.

Win Group of ClamisThe Win prospect is unique in that while this project has not been drilled, there are documentable reserves. The experts who contributed to this determination are geologists from Homestake Mining Co, the State of Alaska, and other respected professionals. The surface exposures were calculated by using a depth measured by hand trenching, or a visible vertical plunge. All visiting geologists were impressed with the potential of continuity beneath the talus surrounding the mineralized outcroppings, and the possibility of a very large mineral zone which could be mineable by surface methods.

A recent “find”, upon the second intrusive that missed being evaluated in the first property examinations, returned sample values in Au of .136 and .423 oz/ton, and an average of 7 oz/ton Ag across 324 feet.

The remoteness of the Win Claims has been the only negative point raised by geologists examining the property for Homestake, Cominco, Hunt Oil, Anaconda, Exxon —other than a depressed silver market, which has been an industry wide problem. The State of Alaska has projected a road, nearby, that will connect Anchorage with McGrath, and Nome.

The breakthrough needed to make this property economically feasible may have come about when the U.S. Bureau of Mines released a Report of Investigations, RI 9022, Recovery of Silver, Gold, and Lead From a Complex Sulfide Ore Using Ferric Chloride, Thiourea, and Brine Leach Solutions. This study shows how to solve the difficulty of milling complex concentrations of sulfide lead/silver/gold ore, as the Bowser Creek ore. It is a simple, inexpensive — one study projected a $20 per ton cost for mining and milling— low-pollution way to process the known reserves. And as the end product is almost pure metal —instead of heavy concentrates— it is conceivable that a road might not be necessary.

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NEW!! Bowser Creek Alaska, Win Group of Claims Silver prospect of merit showcase.
New USGS assays —New drill program proposal —New road to resources possibility

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