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Placer Examination Bookplacer examination
Principals and Practice

Are you struggling under the recession? Go find Gold! This book will help you. A rare field guide book “... prepared specifically for use by the Bureau of Land Management personnel” to evaluate gold placer mining operations, with the hope that it would be “useful to the mining profession.” 
Find out how to purchase your copy HERE
(Editors note: Order your book now and we are adding an "extra value" gift that will be of great value to your search for "the yellow stuff".)

NEW!! True North Tanana Alaska Gold Mining Claims with full facility crew camp and equipment for sale.


NEW!! True North Tanana Alaska Gold Mining Claims with full facility crew camp and equipment for sale.

Alaska Livengood Gold Claims For Sale:
480 acres State of Alaska gold claims with very good road access in an area famous for gold!!

Four Alaska Federal Interior Gold Claims For Sale Off The Dalton Hwy. next to the successful Jubilee Gold Mine. Complete with a medium/small finishing centrifuge.

Numerous Nome Alaska Gold Claims For Sale:
Over 2500 acres under claim so should have something that would work for most miners. Average cost to purchase is about 10K/claim. Some are less if you wanted to take all of them in a given area. Some are more where we have tested paystreaks.

Our readers have been asking for Alaska gold claims like these! Historic Alaska Chicken Creek Gold Claims For Sale - 28 Alaska Gold Dredging and Cat Mining Claims for Sale

Alaska Gold /Platinum Producing Mine For Sale
Brooks Range Exploration II LLC. offering 9,500 acres of State of Alaska mining claims in the Brooks Range on Wild Lake at Lake Creek near Bettles Alaska with camp and equipment on site ready to produce.

Alaska Prospect Creek Gold Claims — 14 active gold claims north of Fairbanks Alaska in a famous hot area for gold. These claims are accessible by road, with cabin and airstrip. Complete with mining permit.

Anvil Creek—Ophir Alaska gold mine and gold finding, potential B&B/hunting and fishing lodge. Complete with house and cabin, all mining equipment, vechicles (including boat), web site, and permits to run a thriving nugget gold tourist attraction. $1 Million USD takes it all! The owner would aslo consider a joint venture.

SOLD! Gold Creek Alaska Gold Nugget Mine For Sale or Trade:
10 state of Alaska gold mining claims, 40 acres each. Near Wiseman Alaska in an area referred to by old-timers as the “potato patch” due to the large size of the nuggets. Priced to sell...this one won't last long!

Alaska Placer Gold Property for Sale In The Historical Fortymile Area
Placer mine property on historical Walker Fork in the Fortymile mining district of Alaska. This is a contiguous package of 43 Federal claims, overlaid with 55 State claims, completely covering 5 miles of virgin creek claims and 2 1/2 miles of side creeks or pups providing a 7 to 10 year  gold project.

Three Fairbanks Alaska Gold Properties Grouped Together
The owner of these 3 Alaska Fairbanks area gold properties is retiring and has combined all the properties together to make a great deal for a larger company to mine.

Amanita Gold Mine Adjacent To Fort Knox Gold Mine, Fairbanks Alaska
A hard rock property consisting of approximately 3,500 acres of State mining claims. The Amanita prospect is located south of and abuts the Ft. Knox Mine property. The property is easily accessed from the paved Gilmore Trail Road which is maintained year round.
See this property combined with two other Fairbanks gold properties.
Download the PDF Amanita Gold flyer to see the relationship to Fort Knox gold mine.

Alaska Gold—Our Creek ProjectWith Year Round Accessibility—For sale or joint venture in the Fairbanks mining district in an area of other profitable gold mines, and close to a smelter. The property consists of 6,000 acres of State of Alaska mining claims and prospect sites. This Alaska gold property has year round public road access. . See this property combined with two other Fairbanks gold properties

Dome Creek Gold MineAlaska operational gold mine for sale—400 acres, 12 claims, of deep placer located on Dome Creek, 10 miles North of Fox Alaska (Elliot Hwy) near the historic mining town of Olnes. This well known area was mined from the 1900's to the middle 30's. This property has several shafts for production and further exploration.
See this property combined with two other Fairbanks gold properties

SOLD!! Yakataga Alaska Beach—Offshore Dredging Gold Property
These Southeastern AlaskaYakataga beach gold placers are remarkably similar to the beach sands of Nome when it was first discovered in the late 1800’s. The Yakataga gold claims consist of 1,410 acres covering approximately 7 miles of beach

Gold Mine for Sale in Alaska—3,800 acre property includes 750 acres patented land. 355K oz placer gold resource—2,370 drill holes

SOLD!! Alaska Gold & Platinum—Rainy Creek
86 State of Alaska gold claims for sale or joint venture. This is an exception property with full documentation (PDFs) and it is an Alaska Range gold property that is accessable.

Alaska Silver,Lead, Zinc, Copper prospect in Alaska Range. Bowser Creek, Win Group of Claims. US Geological Bulletin, State of Alaska reports, documents 300 oz silver per ton.

NEW!! Check out the Win Current Situation Report PDF with new spreadsheet. With the amazing increase of zinc, lead and copper values this property has now become a very needed asset for our countries alternative energy minerals. CLICK HERE for the WIN update.

For the latest way to bring this property into production, click here for The Bottom Line.

See also a more detailed report of this property at: TheProspector.com

See the FlashMX video tour of this property at SilverMiningClaims.com

NEW!! Bowser Creek Alaska, Win Group of Claims Silver prospect of merit showcase. New USGS assays—New drill program proposal—New road to resources possibility

(We have included these new Yukon gold claims in our Alaska section because as Alaskans we consider Yukon Territory as "like us" although Canadian mining and prospecting laws differ from U.S.)

Gold Rush Yukon - Dawson City Klondike, Kohlman Gold Mine For Sale Complete With Equipment and Housing
Located on Bonanza Creek four miles from Dawson City, Yt. consisting of 27 creek and bench claims all blocked together. There is approximately 80 years of assessments on the claims, with 9 years left on a 10 year water license. Placer mine comes with one house and a small cabin and two van trailers converted into shops with various supplies and one shipping container for storage of new parts.

Kluane Lake, Yukon “Bliss” Gold Property For Sale By Owner:
29 grouped claims in good standing and mining equipment with a Water License and Land Use Permit is in place and good until 2016. Located in the south west Yukon in the Kluane Mining region, along scenic Kluane lake across from Burwash Landing and Destruction Bay.

SOLD!! Yukon Producing Gold Mine For Sale —Arch Creek
Road accessible, 36 claims with permits in place, full camp and equipment to mine gold. A “Turn Key” operation and owner is willing to spend the first season training and assisting the new buyer. This one won’t last long at the price the owner is asking.

Dawson City Producing Gold Mine For Sale —Wounded Moose Gold Mine
80 km SE of Dawson City, area of the Klondike Gold Rush of 1897. Two wheel drive road access for entire mining season. Land use permits and water license in place as well as equipment and camp.

Yukon, Dawson Klondike Gold ClaimsNEW INFO! Over 20 gold claims (This has been increased to 47 claims) in the famous Dawson City, Klondike area.





The Eldorado Gold Mine — an Arizona/Nevada border 20 acre patented gold claim for sale inside of Lake Mead National Recreation Area, forty minutes from Las Vegas and 25 miles south of Hoover Dam. Make gold and recreate on your own private land.

Yuma, Arizona—21 claims @ approx. 20 acres each. This group of claims has a great history. There are many old mining shafts that followed the reported rich lodes. There are many stories of a hidden Spanish gold mine that could be on or near site. Indians had secret sources of gold from this general area.





NEW!!! The Telegraph Gold Mine, Downieville, California is a fully permitted underground gold mine located in one of the richest districts of the California Mother Load. Historical Mother Lode Producer-Huge Gold Reserve -Rich Tertiary River Channels - Five Large High-grade Veins - 3,000 Acres With 9 Mines - CA NI 43-101 available. Open for joint venture partnership.

California, Permitted, Production Ready, Gold Mine for Sale.
The Discovery Day Gold Property is one of only a few permitted, production ready properties with its own on-site mill available in California, consisting of 48 unpatented BLM mining covering over 950 acres of land and encompassing the entire prolific Knownothing mining district. The claim block contains 5 historical producing mines, the Discovery Day, Gilta, Hansen, Knownothing and Jeannette. As a group this collection of mines produced over 60,000 ounces of gold, and were considered some of the most valuable in the state.

The Helms Deep Placer and Silica Projects —Two (2) mining projects on 110 acres of the famous La Porte Channel in Northern California. One on the southern end of the claim is a previously permitted Placer Mine with gold, silver, platinum and silica as a by product. The mine on the Northern end of the claim is an open pit Silica Operation.



Quality Grade Silica Mine For Sale: Fletcher Lake Quartz Mine, Ontario Canada — Property includes a producing mountain top silica quarry located on 200 acres, with a number of other drilled and identified veins. Surface rights are secured by 21 year renewable leases. The owner is 87 years old and is wanting to pass this opportunity on to younger entrepreneurs and will include his knowledgeable background as a “free asset” for future development on site. All at a great price.

Yes we know this property is not "Western" but we thought you would want to take a look at it.



Patented Montana Gold Mine For Sale - Historic Bannack District
89.25 acres of patented gold property legally divided into 6 parcels located along Grasshopper Creek. It comes with all water and mineral rights. This property is one of the last (and mostly) un-mined parcels along Grasshopper Creek (Each Parcel has creek frontage).

Re-Listed! Montana, Elk Gulch Vermiculite Mine For Sale.
This property consists of eighty-five (85) BLM mining claims near Dillon, Montana. A significant investment by the owning company has allowed the mine and mill to become production-ready.



The Nick Gold Mine Pershing County, NV
Historical past producer with placer AND hard rock potential. Fully permitted for placer mining. Minimal work required to be turn-key ready for production. Fully permitted wash plant on site. Two water wells with a total allocation of over 132 million gallons of process water annually. Property includes a two acre millsite area with a fully equipped 400 yard per hour placer recovery circuit, 50,000 gallon water storage tank, three recirculation ponds, an on-site water well, and a tool and parts inventory storage house. Available for outright purchase.
Click HERE for a PDF report of the property

Gold, Silver, Copper and Zinc mining claims in the midst of mining friendly Northern Nevada's mineral boom area.17 patented mining claims and 2 quarter sections of fee land for sale.

The property consists of six (6) patented marble claims and ten (10) Lode claims on the west side of Bare Mountain, Nye County, Nevada. The original mine was named Carrara Marble because of the similarity in color to the famous Carrara marble of Italy. Together the Patented and Lode claims comprise nearly 400 acres.

The Eldorado Gold Mine — an Arizona/Nevada border 20 acre patented gold claim for sale inside of Lake Mead National Recreation Area, forty minutes from Las Vegas and 25 miles south of Hoover Dam. Make gold and recreate on your own private land.

FOR SALE – 10 Iron ore properties in Nevada
All Projects are on Bureau of Land Management land which includes 132 claims (2640 acres) located in Mineral, Nye and Esmeralda County.

SOLD!! Nevada - Leadville District, Washoe County—8 patented (148 acres) & 12 unpatented mining claims (1 placer) in NW Nevada for sale, lease, or option. Ag-Pb-Zn veins with historic production and trace Au, Hg, Sb.

Silver Assets and a 250 TPD Mill
14 Silver Projects in the State of Nevada USA and a 250 ton per day Milling Facility for sale.

Want a turn-key mining opportunity? Check this out.
Marble Canyon—160 acres of unusual patterns and colors of marble inventory—plus a well thought out marketing plan along with the web sites (Marble-Boutique.com, BoutiqueMarble.com, MarbleBoutique.net) to sell it.
See also the video tour of Marble Canyon.


  NEW!!! New Mexico Gold, Oro Grande, Placer Gold Mining Claims For Sale In Historic Big Burro Mountain Area, White Signal Mining District
New Mexico gold placer claims for sale or possible joint venture. The recent re-discovery of a quarter-of-a-century old economic appraisal report for a proposed large placer project has led to the formation of Oro Grande claims of 680 acres (17 claims) of placer gold claims in southwest New Mexico. The claims are fully encompassed by historic mining activity.



NEW! Quartz Mountain, silica mine in Douglas County, Oregon. Property includes the mountain top silica quarry located on 4 patented claims and 5 adjoining unpatented claims in the Umpqua National Forest.

Nepheline Syenite Deposit An unusual "Swiss Army Knife" industrial mineral used in glass making, nepheline has a bright future. See the newest Table Mountain nepheline geological report and assays
See the owners introduction to Table Mountain, Oregon nepheline project and research.
Actively Seeking Production PartnersClick For More Info
See also a more detailed report of this Nepheline Syenite property at: TheProspector.com
See the FlashMX video tour of this Nepheline property at Nepheline.com


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