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Gold (AU)
Anvil Creek Mine & Potential B&B
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Alaska Gold Mine and Potential B&B/Hunting Lodge
Anvil Creek Mine
Innoko Mining District
$ 1 Million USD
(The owner would also consider a joint venture.)

Placer Gold

To reach Anvil Creek, you will need to fly to McGrath (Pen Air has a daily flight). From McGrath a charter flight will take you to Anvil Creek (Ophir Airstrip). Anvil Creek is 2 miles east of Ophir on a well maintained road. Supplies for the area are barged in to the end of the road at Sterling Landing.

Mining Claims:
2,500 feet of Innoko River frontage
1,500 foot gravel airstrip
21 Total Claims-10 Federal (5 of these pending patent) and 11 State claims 580 Acres
Anvil Creek is around 2 1/2 miles long
7,000 lineal feet of creek channel is left to be placer mined
Permits, ponds, ditches, and dams are in place
Average gold fineness is 878 parts gold and 117 parts of silver in a thousand. Click here for Anvil Creek Claims Map & Docs PDF

Mining Camp:
Very comfortable, clean, and well-furnished
3-Bedroom house with bath and all the furnishings
1-Bedroom cabin with bath and ail the furnishings
Cookshack with propane/12volt/elec. refrigerator, electric refrigerator, electric freezer, microwave, dishwasher, washer, dryer, and all the cooking and eating utensils
Large Shop with 12 foot garage door and generator room
Storage building with bunk house above
Building with 1 room bedroom and separate storage room
Large laundry room/mud room connecting cookshack and 1-room bedroom
A fresh water spring supplies camp water which is stored in a 500 gallon tank located inside laundry room facility
A12 volt on-demand pump supplies water to the cookshack, cabin, and house
30 gallon oil-fired hot water heater
Camp is equipped with a satellite TV (dishnet) and satellite internet service, which provides telephone service
All camp buildings have oil stoves
Camp has a variety of lighting sources, with all buildings having elec. lights and some buildings having propane and 12 volt lights

Equipment and Tools:
Cable Blade D8 Cat
Northwest #4 Dragline
lOx8 pump with 3208 Cat engine
8x8 pump with 4 cylinder Cat engine
2,500 feet of 6 and 8 inch aluminum rainbow irrigation pipe in 20 foot sections and pipe trailer
Hand giant and 28 foot sluice box with riffles
Mini-trommel and gold wheel for gold clean-up
Fuel tanks ranging from 1,500 gallons to 6,000 gallons, with a total fuel capacity of 13,000 gallons
Shop is fully equipped with a lathe, drill press, air compressor, various power tools, hand tools, wrenches, and sockets
Lincoln Weld and Power
Three diesel generators - 30kw Deutz, 12 kw Onan, and 6kw Whitte

Walters all-wheel drive dump truck and a Mack dump truck Jeep Stationwagon, VW Bus, VW Bug, and International Scout Suzuki 4- Wheeler, Skidoo Tundra Snowmachine, and 18 foot River Boat

Fish and Game:
Grizzly bear, moose, caribou, black bear, fox, wolves, rabbits, lynx, marten, and more. Ptarmigan, spruce hens, and ruffed grouse Grayling, salmon, shee fish, and world class pike

Other Business 0pportunities:
CHECK OUT THE WEB SITE www.goldinalaskamine.com for the following potential activities
(Web Site to be transferred to new owners)
Potential Bed and Breakfast
Potential Hunting and Fishing Lodge
River Float Trips
Gold Detecting and panning
Scenic and Historical Tours
Bird watching, Hiking, Bicycling
Winter Time Paradise for Snowmachiners and Cross Country Skiers
View the spectacular Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)
Located along the Iditarod Trail so great housing and viewing for the Iditarod Sled Dog and Iron Dog Races
4- Wheeler and Snowmachine Rentals

(The US Dept. of the Interior has published books including information from this area. Mineral Deposits Of The Ruby-Kuskokwim Region Alaska, Bulletin 864-C, pg. 176-192 and Placer Deposits of Alaska, Bulletin 1374, pg. 148-152.)

Anvil Creek Mine/Innoko Mining District, Alaska

Permits & Filings:
All permits are current
EPA General Permit AKG-37-0000 with a mixing zone and modified turbidity limit State of Alaska Annual Placer License

All claims have been recorded and filed properly each year with Affidavits of Annual Labor on both state and federal claims and filings with both state and federal agencies.

There are no lawsuits or environmental claims against this property or us.

Annual Claim Fees:
There are 10 federal claims, which allow us to file for a small miner waiver. We dont have to pay the annual $200/claim fee since we qualify for this waiver. The fee for filing the federal Affidavit of Annual Labor on the 10 claims is $100.

There are 11 state claims. 5 of these claims have an annual rental fee of $130/claim. The other 6 are on state-selected land, which has received tentative approval to be conveyed from federal land to state land, but since it hasnt been conveyed yet there is no annual rental fee on it. The fee for filing the state Affidavit of Annual Labor is $56.

There is an annual state water rights fee of $50.

There is also a bond pool fee, which varies from year to year depending on your mining activity. The fee is $37.50/acre for ground that has not been reclaimed and $150/acre for new ground to be disturbed that year. A credit or refund of $112.50 is received for each acre that is reclaimed.

There is no property tax in this area.

Gold Recovery:
The paystreak that runs up the bottom of the creek channel is an average of 75 wide. The paydirt starts about 2 above bedrock so we run this plus about another foot of the bedrock through the sluice box. We have averaged between 3/4 ounces and 1 ounces of gold for each lineal foot we have mined up this paystreak. It has a fineness between 85% and 89%. There is approximately 1/3rd of the gold recovered that is 1/8th of an inch or bigger. The biggest nugget we have found on the creek was 5 ounces. The gold on the creek is great for making jewelry, which of course brings a much higher price.

We estimate that there is approximately 7,000 lineal feet of creek channel left to mine. If the values continue to hold with the averages we have had that translates into 5,250 to 8,750 ounces.

We have also mined east and west of camp on the benches and have recovered gold. The claims that run closest to the Innoko River are part of an area called the Innoko Flats. We have approximately 2,500 of Innoko River frontage, which are claims that are part of these Innoko Flats. Innoko Flat claims, belonging to another party, run from our claims to the east of us for a couple of miles. These claims have been drilled and the drill records show good values. There are also Innoko Flat claims a couple miles downstream from us that have been drilled, again showing good values. We have not drilled any of our claims, but with the history of the area, the mining conducted on the nearby creeks, and the results of these drill records, as well as our own mining experience on Anvil Creek, we feel confident that there is still a healthy gold reserve on our claim.





Anvil Creek Claims Map & Docs
$650,000 USD Or Joint Venture





Don or Cindy Plano

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